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Includes: 7 PDF’S & 2 Subliminal MP3’s

Getting Starting Guide, Meals and Menus Guide, Recipe Exchange Guide, Suggested Meals & Shopping List, Food Diary, Subliminal Affirmations, and Sources of Vegan Protein. Subliminal MP3’s: Daytime  Forest Stream and Evening Ocean Waves. 

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Getting Started Guide:

Your Getting Started Guide is going to explain how this program works to bring you quick results while enjoying appetizing foods.

You will discover how to increase the detoxification process, slow things down, or just alleviate undesirable symptoms using holistic remedies. All throughout the process you are in control.

Don’t like to read? Follow the Fast Track in chapter 1, grab the gist of what you need, and get going right away.

Meals and Menu Guide:

This simple guide contains your daily meals and drinks for the program. Recipes are included for each day. You can refer to your Recipe Exchange Guide for a complete selection of tasty options to swap out whenever you wish.

Recipe Exchange Guide:

Your Recipe Exchange Guide contains 65 clean eating recipes you can use if you want exchange a meal or drink from your menu. It includes a number of yummy recipes in the following categories, giving variety and an assortment of options to choose from.

10 Juices ● 7 Smoothies

7 Breakfast ● 5 Lunch

5 Dinner ● 4 Raw Soups

5 Warm Soups ● 3 Dressings

6 Transition (Phase 3) Recipes

4 Delicious Dips ● 5 Protein Bars

5 Cultured Foods ●  3 Nut Milks

Suggested Menu and Shopping Lists:

30 Days of Done-for you menus provided in a simple chart. You can print it off and hang on your refrigerator. You can compliment any of the menu suggestions with a salad or soup of your choice. You can even select one of several tasty desserts options.  Complete shopping lists are also found here. Just print and go!

Soothing Daytime and Evening Subliminals:

Program includes two Subliminal MP3’s: Soothing Forest Stream for daytime use and Soothing Ocean Waves for evening use. The affirmations will help you stay motivated and increase the effectiveness of your efforts. While Subliminal messages do not change the listener’s mind, they have proven to be useful to those in agreement with the suggestions. A PDF includes a complete list of the subliminal affirmations contained in each of the tracks.

Bonus Items:

Food Diary

For use during phase 3 (the Elimination Diet) where you are slowly adding certain food item back into your diet (typically high allergen foods) and noting any reactions commonly indicative of a food intolerance. These symptoms are detailed in your Getting Started guide.

Sources of Vegan Protein 

Offers suggestions for selecting the best, nutrient dense, plant-proteins available. If you prefer animal based proteins, follow the list of clean meats in your Getting Started Guide.

Subliminal Affirmations 

Contains a list of the positive affirmations contained in each of the Subliminal MP3’S. Additionally, you may include them in your daily meditation or repeat as positive affirmations throughout the day.