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Detox Diet For Weight Loss

Many types of diets claim they will help you lose weight. Some suggest we cut out certain foods or reduce our daily intake of fat, carbohydrates, or calories. Others recommend replacing meals with shakes or their particular brand of pre-packaged meals. Trying to sort it out can be confusing and frustrating. This post will explain why a clean eating, cleanse diet is actually the best way to nourish the body back to health and prime it to shed excess pounds.

By eating clean foods we accomplish two things very beneficial to our body. One, we give the body a respite from having to manage the impurities and preservatives found in processed foods, and we feed it the nutritional building blocks needed to restore optimal function to the organs responsible for cleansing the body of impurities. As we will discover, an excess of impurities and toxins makes losing even stubborn weight easier.


Purifying our body is known as a detox, and the benefits have been known about for a long time.


Body Detox for Weight Loss: Just as a glass can overflow with water, our body can become “overfull” of toxins.

Most of us understand the health implications of eating fast food. Fewer realize that processed, packaged foods are so ridden with preservatives and chemicals they aren’t even worthy of being called food. In fact, our bodies don’t consider them food. Instead, it perceives processed foods and all the pollutants in it as foreign invaders, because they are!

Our liver has the primary responsibility for removing waste from our body. While our body can detox itself naturally, it is incapable of managing the innumerable contaminants of our modern-day, man-made, fast-food era. Unable to efficiently process that level of toxicity, the liver begins to stockpile it and store it in our tissues. Over time, toxins, impurities, and chemicals accumulate in our organs, fat cells. This is how our metabolism gets bogged down and becomes sluggish, making us gain weight. It also makes it very difficult to shed those extra pounds.

Releasing the Toxins: When we nourish ourselves with whole foods and stop introducing pollutants into our system, our body gets a chance to “catch up.” Our body seizes the opportunity and begins to purge those impurities long housed in our tissues, and releasing the very toxic sludge responsible for compromising our health!


These are just some of the many benefits of doing a clean eating detox diet.


The BodDetox30 Protocol sets up a “perfect storm” that naturally supports good health, jump-starts a lagging metabolism, and allows you to shed excess pounds more readily.

Let’s summarize: When our body is receiving the nourishment it needs to function and is no longer bogged down with incoming impurities, it can finally function as intended.  In this state, the liver and the body’s elimination system will be optimized to effectively release built up toxins, chemicals, and other pollutants stored in our organs and tissues.

In turn, this helps our metabolism also function more efficiently and process the healthy food we are eating and turn it into energy instead of storing it.

The result of completing the Clean Eating Body Detox and Elimination Diet is that you’ll lose weight, gain energy, have an easier time losing weight, and enjoy a more efficient metabolism to help you keep it off.

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