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You have probably heard about clean eating as it has become a rather trendy term.But, you may not know what exactly clean eating is and what it involves.

Clean eating is not just another fad. It is about eating fresh whole foods that provide maximal nutritional benefits. It is about eating and making healthier food choices. To be healthy, you have to eat healtty food.

To get healthy, you have to eat healthy food.

While it sounds simple, the devil is in the details.

So, here are a few tips to help you kick start your clean eating journey.



We all know about the health benefits of eating vegetables (and yes, fruits too, but to a lesser degree). After rebelling all those years, it turns out, Mom was right! I can still hear it, can’t you?

“You have to eat your vegetables. They are good for you.”

“Finish your spinach so you can be big and strong like Popeye.” (This one never really motivated me as a 10 year old girl.)

Despite Mom’s good advice, most of us still aren’t eating enough of them. There is really no excuse good excuse these days. Admit it. It’s pretty effortless to throw a few things in a blender We can make a delicious smoothie in under 5 minutes.

So, I am willing to risk sounding like your Mom for a second to remind you of some facts. Vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. As kids, we might have cared less. As adults we’re, hopefully, likely to pay more attention. Vegetables protect against cell damage and decrease inflammation. They can also reduce our risk of cancer and other diseases.

Processed foods can hardly be considered food, unless you want to classify them as a “chemical soup.”


Clean eating is about consuming whole foods – foods in their natural state. In other words, real food. Nothing with a list of ingredients you don’t recognize and can’t begin to pronounce.


Most processed foods have no nutritional value and some of it can hardly be considered food. Unless you want to classify them as a “chemical soup”

These fake foods are loaded with sugars, preservatives, harmful chemicals, and other unsavory ingredients. More importantly, processed foods have been linked to an increase in inflammation and heart disease.



Although clean eating is about eating fresh whole foods, it does not mean that all packaged foods are horrible. Although it is always preferable to eat fresh whenever you can, it’s not always an option.

Get into the habit of reading labels and understanding nutritional information.

By reading the label, you can look for any added sugars, preservatives, and unknown ingredients. If you can’t pronounce it and don’t know what it is, you probably shouldn’t ingest it. Walk away.



If you are trying to eat clean, you will need to steer clear from sugar, and added sugar.

Added sugar is all too prevalent. It can be found hiding in places we may not expect, like in sauces and condiments.

Sugar destroys your health. It is a known killer. It has been linked to numerous health problems, including diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, and cancer.

Honey and maple syrup are natural sources of sugar, but that doesn’t mean you can indulge or make them a regular part of your diet. These too should be consumed only on rare occasions.

What about low-calorie sugar substitutes? As you have probably heard already. Fake sugars are no good. They contain a deadly chemical called aspartame that is attributed to neurological problems, and all kinds of horrific things. So, what can you use? Stevia is the most natural sugar substitute available because it is derived from a plant.

Water is LIFE.


Not only is water the healthiest beverage you can drink, it is ESSENTIAL to good health. It is essential to life, actually, since without it we die.

We need water for our overall health and vitality. Water keeps our bodies hydrated and even helps us to maintain a healthy weight.

Water is LIFE. It contains no additives, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. Therefore, it is the healthiest choice of beverage.

Although water should be your primary beverage, you can occasionally enjoy teas. Green tea is an excellent choice as it is packed full of antioxidants that may help boost your metabolism.

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