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About Us

Shannon Moore is a published author and Holistic Health Coach living off the grid on 23 acres near Grants Pass, Oregon.

Shannon was inspired to learn about nutrition and healthy cooking after facing a significant health crisis in her mid 30’s. Her road to recovery meant saying goodbye to the standard American diet.  It required she eliminate sugar, processed, and packaged foods. Shannon learned how to cook healthily and enjoy whole foods.  Shannon experimented to make whole food recipes more appealing to her husband. Today, Dan enjoys healthy eating, although he has been caught trying to sneak a box of Milk Duds into his “healthy trail mix” when he thought Shannon was not looking. He was wrong.

Shannon considers her health crisis her ‘scariest” life moment, but also one of the most rewarding. She gleaned a wealth of information during that time, and it marked a crossroads in her life. It awakened a passion to help educate others and share what she discovered on her road to wellness.

In 2010, Shannon consulted with friend and Nutritionist, Denise Walsh, and began developing The Clean Eating, Body Detox, & Elimination Diet.

The author enjoys nature, the serenity, simplicity, and privacy of living in the backwoods. She enjoys all of this with Dan, her photographer husband, and best friend of over 18 years.