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The Clean Eating Body Detox & Elimination Diet

speed your metabolism, boost your immunity, gain energy & lose weight, naturally!















Are you ready to eradicate toxins, release impurities, and reduce inflammation while discovering food sensitives that sabotage your weight loss efforts, immunity, vitality, and overall health?

Our clean eating recipes, and 30 day menu provide optimal nutrition to nourish your body  toward wellness and promote natural detoxification with a holistic, whole foods approach.

What to Expect From this Program

✔︎ Lose sugar & food cravings

✔︎ Shed stubborn pounds that refuse to budge

✔︎ Boost your immunity against colds, flu, & disease   

✔︎ Ramp up your metabolism

✔︎ Increase energy levels

✔︎ Stop body aches & painful joints

✔︎ Promote better digestion & gut health  

✔︎ Eliminate painful gas & bloating 

✔︎ Enjoy quality sleep

✔︎ Reduce inflammation

✔︎ Improve mobility & flexibility

✔︎ Reverse symptoms of IBS

✔︎ Identify food sensitivities that affect health

✔︎ Lessen symptoms of Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

✔︎ End constipation & increase regularity

& more…



“Whatever the symptoms, they inevitably involve some kind of toxicity.” 

Holistic Health Coach & Author of

The Clean Eating Body Detox

-Shannon Moor



Brain Fog is Gone

Wow!  I don’t know what was going on with me before, but I could tell right away on this detox that my thinking and focus were improving.

I finished the detox about 10 days ago and my brain fog is gone! This benefit alone would have made it totally worthwhile!

Shawnee Oxendine, Green Lake, WI ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Free of Cravings

 I lost 11 pounds, feel healthier, and have more energy. Best thing is I don’t miss sweets or have sugar cravings like before.

I am released from the curse of feeling hungry all the time.

I feel normal again.

Kiesha Beischel, Gilroy, CA ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Blown Away

Prior to my detox, I was tired all the time, had pain in my joints and could not lose 10 pounds no matter what I did!

I am blown away! I lost 17 pounds and I am not as stiff or in pain anymore.

This helped me more than I imagined it could. I definitely recommend it. I can’t remember when I last felt this good.

Tricia Vasquez, Altoona. IA ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Program Features

The Complete Set

Getting Started Guide: Contains concise information on the program and simple instructions. Don’t like to read? No problem just follow the Fast Track detailed in Chapter 1 to get the gist of what you need to know and get started right away.

Meals & Menus: This contains your daily meals and drinks for the entire program. Recipes are included for each meal for each day. Want to change something on your menu? No problem! Just refer to your Recipe Exchange Guide for a selection of tasty options to swap out whenever you wish.

Suggested Meals & Shopping List: This guide includes a month of done-for you menus provided in a simple chart. You can print it off and hang on your refrigerator.  Your completes shopping lists are also found here. Just print and go!

Recipe Exchange Guide: This one is jam packed with over 65 tasty recipes that will keep you feeling satisfied and help decrease inflammation, kick start your digestion, and eliminate bloating and gas. If you want to change a meal on the menu just select one of the tasty options in here.

Bonuses: Bonuses include a Food Diary, Sources of Vegan Protein, Subliminal Affirmations & two Subliminal MP3 files with affirmations to support and encourage. Soothing Forest Stream for use during the day & Soothing Ocean waves to relax during the evening and help you sleep better. (Bonus items not shown).

Look Inside

🍽 30-Day Clean Eating Menu

🍽 65 Appetizing Whole Food Recipes

🍽 16 Holistic Support Tools & Remedies

🍽 Complete Shopping Lists for Each Phase

🍽 Step by Step Instructions & Full Color Layout

No Planning, No Fussing, No Worries

The program provides everything you need, and all the “heavy lifting” is done for you:

🍴No more pouring over recipes, planning menus, and creating shopping lists.

🍴Simply follow the suggestions on your clean eating menu plan. Prefer to eat something else that night? No problem! Just swap out a meal from your exchange guide.

🍴There are over 65 clean diet recipes to choose from for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks.

🍴Completed shopping lists for each phase. Just print and go!

 Getting Started Guide

Meals &  Menus

Recipe Exchange Guide

Suggested Meals & Shopping List

Questions and Answers

Am I going to be juicing, drinking shakes, or smoothies?


Enjoy Eat Real Food

🍴You will eat real food, based on a clean eating, whole foods menu.

🍴Smoothies and juices are included in your recipe guide. If you enjoy these you won't feel deprived. : )



Are the recipes difficult to prepare?

Simple and Straightforward

There is nothing complicated to cook. You’ll enjoy appetizing meals based on clean eating recipes.

🍴All of the recipes are quick to prepare, a cinch to cook, and require no fancy kitchen gadgets.

🍴The grocery list is simple too! No searching for weird ingredients you can’t even pronounce. 

🍴Simple reduces your stress, heightens your satisfaction, and increases your chances for success.

Is the shopping list expensive?

Inexpensive, Easy to Find Ingrediants

🍴A lof of the items you likely already have in your pantry.

🍴You will mostly be shopping for fruits and vegetables, which are not expensive.

🍴We completed a shopping list for 1 week on the Walmart app and the cost was approximatley $80.00.


Will I feel hungry?

No Deprivation

It's very unlikely you will feel deprived.

🍴There are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks in between.

🍴The recipes were created by a nutritionist and designed to be both satisfying and healthy.

🍴If you do feel hungry enjoy a snack or include an extra serving of salad with your meals.

This program isn't about starving, or deprivation. There is no counting calories, carbs, or fats.

Is the program hard to follow?

🍴The program is easy and straightforward. There is no confusion or guess work involved. All of the information needed to start and complete the program are well organized and laid out in your full color guides.

Body Detox Recipes Weight Loss

Do I have to buy or take a bunch of vitamins and supplements?

🍴No way! This is a clean eating program designed to be effective and teach people how powerful whole foods and proper nutrition can be.

🍴The only supplements we suggest is a good probiotic and we recommened that not just for this program, but as a part of your healthy every day lifestyle. We talk about the benefits inside your Getting Started guide.

Is this program a good fit for me?

It’s For You If…

  • You have difficulty losing weight and can't find a diet that works for you

  • You suffer from painful joints and aching muscles

  • You have low energy and often feel fatigued

  • You have digestive problems (gas, diarrhea, bloating, constipation)

  • You have rashes or skin problems like hives, eczema, psoriasis, or acne.

  • You have symptoms like watery eyes and/or the "sniffles"

  • Your face feels puffy or you have dark under eye circles

  • You suffer from mood swings like depression, anxiety, irritability, or have a brain fog.

Order with confidence with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by trying our risk-free offer

* Only $32.99 $19.99 for the complete

program including 7 PDFs and 2 audio files.

If you aren't willing to eat clean food and drink pure water nothing else you do matters much.

 -Shannon Moore (Founder of Bod Detox30)